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No One Is Safe from Mold In Lexington, SC

To say Lexington, SC County is no stranger to mold would be putting it mildly. And it’s no wonder we have such an issue with it. Our hot, humid summers and cool, damp winters make our homes and businesses literal breeding grounds for mold. Recently, two fire houses were forced to find alternate housing for their staff as mold had taken over due to condensation building up on ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures.


If our fire fighters aren’t safe from mold, who is? The answer, in short, is no one. In early 2017, issues of mold and other unsafe conditions at Pelion Middle School came to a head with a meeting in which angry parents and other tax payers demanded action on behalf of the students. With students having recurring illnesses that are believed to be a direct result of mold in their school, who could blame them?


Children, along with the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, are most susceptible to mold related illnesses. Because children often either don’t tell us when they are sick, or don’t know how to properly put into words what they are feeling, it is especially important to look for warning signs of mold sickness.

What Do I Do If My Home Has Mold?

Mold is microscopic, which means by the time you can see it, you are actually looking at millions of mold spores growing on top of each other in a mold colony. Our first reaction is often to wipe the mold down with a bleach rag and paint over it. Do not do that! By wiping mold down, you are only disturbing the colony, causing more mold spores to be released into the air! That means you’re only doing more harm than good. So, what should you do?

Call Mold Test USA to schedule your mold inspection. We will come to your home and inspect every room in your house, send our findings to a laboratory where biologists and microbiologists will review your house’s mold levels and translate their findings into plain English. Then you are armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision on what to do next. And we’ll be there to help guide you along.

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