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Mold Testing in Myrtle Beach SCMyrtle Beach, SC is one of the top tourist destination spots in South Carolina.  There is always something to do to keep you entertained. Besides just a tourist spot, people do actually reside in this beach city year round.  Being on the Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach SC is very vulnerable to hurricanes, tropical storms, and just a lot of water in general.

It is imperative that homes, schools, hotels, and other buildings are durable and resistant from this periodically harsh environment. If a building or home is not protected properly, water can leak into the building and do some serious damage. The most dangerous types of mold have been found to grow whenever any form of water damage has gone untreated.

If you live in Myrtle Beach SC or any beach town for that matter, you should always keep an eye out for any type of water leak, unsealed doors and windows, or any kind of water intrusion in your home. It is best to catch a leak right when it happens to avoid anything snowballing out of control.  If you do happen to see any visible growth, you should have a professional mold inspection done.


Temporary Residence and Mold

Myrtle Beach SC Rental HomesTemporary residents who own timeshares, condos, or summer homes in Myrtle Beach SC are in a more risky situation. Unfortunately in most cases, there isn’t someone constantly living in the home which leaves things to go unseen for weeks at a time.  A retired NYC police officer and his family decided that it would be a good idea to purchase a condo to have for family vacations at Myrtle Beach SC. After their first vacation time at the condo, their young son became sick. He was having respiratory issues and no doctors could figure out what the cause was. Until one doctor had a patient just previous to the Johnson’s son who was exposed to toxic mold and had some of the same early symptoms.

The Johnson’s got their New York home a mold inspection and there was nothing out of the ordinary. They never even thought that there was an issue with their new vacation home, until they received a tip. Mr. Johnson went down to Myrtle Beach SC to see what was going on and he wasn’t allowed onto the property by security and they had blocked his condo door. They finally agreed to let him in for five minutes and Mr. Johnson found his condo pretty much gutted. Walls were being removed and replaced, there was a whole construction project going on that Mr. Johnson had no idea about. He had the condo tested for mold and high levels of Penicilium were found.  There was also trace amounts of this mold in his son. Thankfully their son was treated before it got too serious.  Apparently the whole complex had mold throughout and excessive moisture. The Johnson’s condo was still plagued with mold even after the complex’s “remediation” was done.

*The names in this article were changed to protect the family involved.



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