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Street View Sumter, SCSumter, SC is a very nice quiet town.  Located just a couple hours from the beach, it’s a nice place to live without actually living right on the beach. Sumter, SC has a pretty moderate climate, hot summers and cold winters. It does rain quite a lot here in Sumter SC. During the summer months, Sumter SC actually triples the Nation’s average for precipitation. With all that extra rain, there can be a lot problems that can arise. Perhaps you could have a leak in your roof that you are completely unaware of, during the rainy summer months that could do a lot of costly damage. That untreated water damage can start growing mold in as little as 24 hours.

When mold starts to form from water damage, the mold is usually one of the toxic types of mold that starts to grow. This is why it is very, very important to have a professional mold inspection company come out if you have had any water damage in your home. It is crucial that you find out what type of mold is plaguing your home so you can take the necessary precautions in protecting you and your family.


Potential Mold Growth in Sumter, SC

Besides destroying your home, mold can also destroy your health. Some molds are more toxic than others, but everyone reacts differently to different types of molds. The most common kinds of symptoms from mold exposure are; sneezing, coughing, chronic headaches, nausea, mood swings, and dizziness. Some people are often times misdiagnosed at first by their doctor as having the flu. In more severe cases of toxic mold exposure, patients were thought to have Epilepsy, immune deficiency diseases, Emphysema, Fibromyalgia, and even Bipolar Disorder. Mold exposure is one of the most common misdiagnosed illnesses in the country.

Mold isn’t something that we think of right off the bat that could be the origin of our sickness. Even if you cannot see any mold, you could still be suffering from mold exposure. The mold could be hidden behind your walls, in your vents and attic, or even in your crawlspace. If you are suffering from any symptoms like the ones above, call Mold Test USA right away to have your home professionally tested for mold. These types of situations only get worse with time, especially if it is involving your health or someone in your family’s health.


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