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Are You Renting a Mold Infested Home In South Dakota?

Mold Testing and Inspections South Dakota Image SlideIf you are renting a mold infested home in South Dakota it is important to find out what type of mold you have. And how much of that particular mold spore is present. There are so many things that come into play. It cost a lot of money to rent a home in the first place. Then once you finally get into your new place, you start to realize that your home is making you sick. Now you are faced with a big decision. Should you stay in the home that is getting your family sick? Or should you spend a lot of money to move again? We can’t answer those questions for you, but we can help you find out what kind of mold you’re dealing with. And we can give you advice on how to proceed. If you have renters’ insurance in South Dakota, mold testing and mold removal may or may not be covered. If it is covered, it will likely be called “antifungal” or “antimicrobial” coverage.


I Do Not Have Renters Insurance, So Who Should Pay for The Mold Testing?

If you are renting a home in South Dakota, it is a good idea to have mold testing whether you think you have mold or not. Of course you can always ask your landlord if they would be willing to pay. However, we find that in most cases it is a good idea to pay for the testing yourself. This will put you in total control of your results. In some areas, the landlord does not even have to show you the results. Every state has different laws so you should refer to the landlord-tenant laws of South Dakota. You can also contact an attorney if need be.


Why Is It So Important to Get A Mold Test Performed?

By being in control of the results, you are more in control of the situation. If anyone is getting sick you can take the results to your doctor and ask them if your illness could be related to the mold found in your South Dakota home. Also, when you have the results in your hands, you can show your landlord that you mean business. Your results actually become scientific proof that there is in fact a mold situation in your home. If your landlord is not willing to work with you, you can take your results to an attorney for legal help. Either way there’s no denying mold testing is important. It is also important to use a certified mold testing firm when having your mold testing performed.




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South Dakota Mold Laws

South Dakota Codified Laws §§ 43-4-37–44

Requires sellers of residential property to provide a form disclosing known hazardous conditions including radon, mold, methane gas, lead paint, asbestos insulation, urea formaldehyde foam insulation, and toxic materials, as well as any known testing for such conditions.


South Dakota Department of Health and Environmental Control





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