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An Insidious Threat in Nashville, TN

Mold is a problem no matter where you live in Nashville, TN or what you do. Unless you live in a bubble, you have likely breathed in mold spores several times today. That’s because mold is everywhere, on nearly everything. And for the most part, that’s ok. Mold is a naturally occurring, microscopic organism to is actually incredibly beneficial.

Mold’s main job in life is to break down garbage and other biodegradable materials. Because of mold, our garbage problem is not nearly as bad as it could be, and the leaves we rake this fall will not be around in thirty, or even three, years. That said, not all mold is good mold. Some molds are toxic, meaning they can cause severe and lasting damage to our bodies and brain. Not only that, even non-toxic molds can be dangerous to people sensitive to them, especially if their levels inside are elevated above their levels outside.

So How Do I Know if I Have a Mold Problem?

There are a few things that can easily tip you off that you have a mold problem. If you smell something musty, especially in a part of your premises that is largely unused and undisturbed, you may have mold. If you pull out the leather boots you put away last spring and see a snowy covering over them, that is mold. Mold is, again, microscopic. That means that by the time you can see mold, what you are actually looking at is a mold colony. Millions of microscopic mold spores, built up on each other to form a colony. Your first reaction may be to wipe the mold down with bleach and a rag, but don’t do it! That will only disturb the colony, causing mold spores to disperse at much higher rates.

If you are concerned that you have a mold infestation in your home or business, call Mold Test USA today. Even if you don’t hire us, we can answer many of your questions for free over the phone!


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