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Mold in Fort Worth, TX Schools

We all know that finding mold in our Fort Worth, TX homes is a big problem. But, it’s a problem that we can solve. However, being proactive means having an inspection done at the first sign of mold and, if necessary, hiring a mold removal and remediation service. But what if mold happens in a place out of our control? What if mold is in your child’s school? We can’t just call an inspection service to go to the local school, we have to go through the proper channels.

Not Just in Schools

There is literally no place that is safe from mold. Because mold exists literally everywhere in our world, keeping our homes and businesses safe is a hard task. Even our firefighters aren’t safe!

To begin with, you may have noticed that HVAC systems are mentioned in both of these articles. So, that is not a coincidence. HVAC systems above all, needs to be monitored and kept very clean as it is easy for mold to form in them. The second there is mold growth in your HVAC system, your entire home is going to become inundated with mold. Overall, it literally just blows moldy air all over your home. That’s not good at all.

What Will Mold Test USA Do for My Mold Problem

Calling Mold Test USA is a great start to handling your mold problem. We will schedule a 52-point visual inspection, with air and surface sampling, at a time that is convenient for you. When we perform our inspection, we will also alert you to any areas in your home that encourage mold growth. We then send our findings to dedicated laboratories where biologists and microbiologists review them and send them to you in easy to understand language. And you know you can trust our inspections because every one of our over 200 affiliate inspectors are highly trained and certified, far beyond industry standards.


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