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There is no end to the amount of gorgeous contained in Virginia. The same can be said for the amount of mold in Virginia. There’s a whole lot of it. Does that mean that everyone in Virginia is walking around mold sick? Of course not! Mold is everywhere, given that, every breath you take has you breathing in mold spores.

Unless you’re the boy in the bubble? Are you? Because that would be cool. No, you’re probably not. So, you’re probably breathing in mold. Right now! Most molds are harmless, if not supremely helpful.

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. He made it out of the mold Penicillium. Also, blue cheese gets its funk (and blue), and brie gets its white, powdery rind from the same Penicillium mold! WHAT?? Mold is so awesome.


Why Should I Be Worried About Mold?

Well, that’s a great question. Most molds are really great. We already talked about medicine and cheese, but did you ever realize that one of the most common produce items is actually a big hunk of mold? Mushrooms, in all their delicious variety, are nonetheless, fungi. So, where’s the downside?

Well, certain molds, while non-toxic, cause serious allergic reactions in some people. Symptoms of mold allergies are normally a lot like common cold and flu symptoms, making it hard to discern if you’re sick from mold or because your 5-year-old sneezed in your mouth three days ago. Toxic molds, however, can be downright terrifying in their affects.

Beyond itchy, watery eyes and a sore throat, exposure to toxic mold can cause serious, if not, permanent neurological damage. It can also cause an irregular heartbeat, depression, anxiety, internal bleeding, serious lung infections, jaundice, coma, and death. The full, and terrifying, list of symptoms is far too long to post here, but look it up and prepare to be pretty freaked out.


What do I do if I have mold in my Virginia home?

To begin with, you will need to do if you suspect you have mold in your Virginia home is have professional mold testing done. The only way to find out exactly what you are up against is to have a thorough inspection of your home. This process will allow  us to narrow down the over 100,000 different types of mold spores to what is found in your home. Those with a compromised immune system must be watched especially closely. Consider being removed from a potentially hazardous situation until the mold has been removed and remediated.


Just a tip

Never have a mold remediation company perform your mold inspection so that, there is no conflict of interest. Mold remediation companies doing mold testing is, in all, a conflict of interest. Although in most states there are no laws stopping a mold remediation company from doing their own testing, it’s like grading your own homework.

As a consumer, it is even more, important to hire an inspection company that takes their job seriously. Mold Test USA will hold any mold remediation company accountable for their work as long as, you can rely on Mold Test USA. When you hire us, we are with you through the entire process from beginning to end, and thereafter.



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Virginia Mold Laws

Virginia Code § 55-24S.11:2

Requires landlords to disclose whether there is any visible evidence of mold in a dwelling unit, as part of the move-in inspection report. Gives tenant the option of terminating lease if mold is noted in report. Requires that if tenant elects to take possession notwithstanding presence of mold, landlord must promptly remediate condition, reinspect, and issue new report. [See also Ya. Code 55-225.7.]

Virginia Code §§ 55-24S.4, 24S.13, 24S.16, 24S.1S

Requires landlords and tenants to maintain the premises to prevent the accumulation of moisture and the growth of mold. Requires landlords to respond promptly to notifications by tenants of mold or moisture accumulation. Provides that where mold condition materially affects the health or safety of a tenant, the landlord may require the tenant to temporarily vacate premises for up to 30 days, while the landlord undertakes mold remediation consistent with professional standards as defined in the law. Requires landlord to pay relocation cost. [See also Ya. Code 55-225.3–.9.]


Virginia Department of Health and Environmental Control





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