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Living in Williamsburg, VA Often Means Living with Mold

There are so many perks to living in the Williamsburg, VA area. We are lucky to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, not to mention amazing schools like The College of William and Mary. And without Williamsburg’s contributions to the cause during the Revolutionary War, we might not even be the United States of America! Living here can mean living an enviable life, but it also means living with some pretty high humidity and, sometimes, some pretty powerful hurricanes. Those hurricanes specifically, put us at serious risk for mold developing in our homes. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit but, some people dealt with the effects long after the rain had stopped.


Fight Mold Before It Starts!

A mold problem in your home or business is not induced as a result, of a hurricane. We’ve however, likely all heard about the ongoing mold issues at The College of William and Mary, brought on by humidity. Because humidity is a fact of life for us here, there are some steps you can take to help fight mold on your own. First, when it’s hot outside, your natural reaction will be to crank up the air conditioning. This may feel good in the moment, but when hot, humid air comes into a building that is cool, and hits cold surfaces like windows and cold water pipes, condensation forms. That on the other hand, encourages mold growth. So, if you’re running your air conditioner, keep your windows and doors closed. That in fact, reduces the amount of warm, moist air getting into your home.

Secondly, and this is an understandably less popular idea, turn your air conditioner up. The colder you keep your home, thus, more likely it is that you will get a buildup of moisture inside. Like I said, it’s not a popular idea, but it’s an effective one. Turning it up a few degrees and thus, will save you some hassle, and some money off your electric bill.

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