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Washington! Is it raining? Probably, if you’re near the coast. Or maybe it’s winter in the east and you’re stuck in a storm dumping a foot of snow on your roof. Consequently, you’ll likely have mold at some point. How do I know? Washington is in the top five states for mold issues. It’s really no surprise. It could be the average 35 inches of rain a year that Seattle gets. Or maybe the average 45 inches a year of snow that Spokane gets…

Mold really only needs three things to live. Moisture, food, and oxygen. We can’t help the oxygen issue, and our homes are built of mold food like drywall and wood. We can’t really help that, either. So that leaves us with trying to control moisture levels. Note that I said moisture, not water. Even a little moisture seepage into your roof or walls can result in more mold than you can imagine.


It’s A Lot to Think About

If it seems daunting, that’s understandable. As long as your house is climate controlled, and there are no leaks in the roof, or around the window sills, etc. you shouldn’t have any problems. Moisture sneaks into basements and crawl spaces easier than it does most parts of your home. You may be saying, “I don’t live in my crawlspace and I don’t really use my basement. I don’t really care about the air down there.” Well, start caring. Your basement or crawl space is responsible for 40% of the air you breathe inside of your home. Even if you don’t see or smell mold in your home, it could be there. That is why air quality testing is so important.


Don’t Fall for The Cons

There are many reasons why mold testing is so important, in Washington, or anywhere else. Opportunist mold remediation companies and fly-by-night mold business take advantage of the confusion and fear surrounding mold and toxic mold. They prey upon people who are sick and need help and, instead of giving honest answers and looking out for the health of their clients, they look out for their wallets first.

Mold remediation companies often offer free or reduced mold inspection as part of a promotional package. Then they get you to sign a contract saying that if there is mold on your premises, that you’ll hire them to do your remediation. Suddenly the “free” mold inspection you thought you were getting is costing you over $1,000 and you’re trying to figure out what just happened. Worse yet is, there may not even be any mold. How would you know? Of course, you would believe the professional. And if there is mold and they perform a remediation, how will you know if they’ve truly completed the job and gotten rid of all your mold? There’s no one to check their work because they are the only company you’ve hired.


Checks and Balances

If you were given a difficult medical prognosis, would you just accept and agree to a risky treatment or would you get a second opinion, just in case? Of course, you’d get a second opinion. Then why not get a second opinion on the mold levels in your home? And why not get the first opinion from the most reliable, technologically advanced, and trusted company in the mold inspection business? If it turns out that you do have mold, we’ll come back to your home before the remediation company of your choice leaves to reinspect your entire home. We do this to ensure that the remediation company competes the job properly. It keeps everyone honest and diligent, and it keeps you safe.



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Washington Mold Laws

Revised Code of Washington § 59.1S.060

Requires landlords to provide tenants with written or posted information approved by the Department of Health about the health hazards of indoor mold and how to control mold growth to minimize health risks. The legislature appropriated $43,000 in fiscal year 2006 for the implementation of these mold provisions.

Revised Code of Washington §§ 70.164.010–.070

Establishes a low-income weatherization program, and defines weatherization services to include indoor air quality improvements and other health and safety improvements. Specifically establishes as one purpose of the program, the identification and correction, to the extent practical, of health and safety problems for residents of low-income households, including asbestos, lead, and mold hazards.


Washington Department of Health and Environmental Control





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