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Record Flooding in Spokane, WA

2017 was a year of record flooding for Spokane, WA due to record snow melt and rain. But our city’s low-lying areas and flood-prone neighborhoods like Vinegar Flats and Peaceful Valley have always been threatened by overflow. Overflow from the Spokane River and its tributaries like Hangman (Latah) Creek and the Little Spokane River. Warm weather combined with rain is a losing combination for our city, often resulting in rising groundwater levels, flooded basements, and washed out roads.

Typical river flooding behavior is described as “crest and recede.” A river crest is the highest stage or level of a flood wave as it passes a certain point, according to the National Weather Service. One can usually observe a crest in a river when the water level stops rising and becomes stable. After cresting, it’s only a matter of time for the water to recede, or pull back. Unfortunately, when the river doesn’t follow typical crest-and-recede behavior, homeowners are at risk for water damage and its costly after effects.


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First Line Of Defense Against Mold

As many homeowners know, once water finds its way into a house, it is difficult to remove. But what you may not know is that mold just needs moisture, not water, to grow. That’s why pumping water from your basement is just the first step to ensuring your home is mold-free. If you think mold is lingering in the nooks and crannies of your home, Mold Test USA can help. With our 52-point inspection services Mold Test USA can help reassure you.

We focus solely on mold inspections, not remediation, which means our number one priority is identifying if you have a mold problem, how big that problem is, the type of mold found, and potential health problems associated with that mold. Even if you don’t hire us for an inspection, we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have to give you peace of mind.


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