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Protecting Our Children in Charleston, WV

Mold in Charleston, WV is scary, no matter your age. It is an insidious threat that takes a lot of effort to get rid of. It’s enough to find it in your home, but what if it’s found in a place that is supposed to be safe for your children? However, what if it was found in their school? No parent above all, wants to hear that they’ve been sending their child to a potentially dangerous place every day.

With our weather, hot and humid summers, cold and damp winters, under those circumstances, it’s no surprise that we have mold pop up in unexpected places.

What Are Some Symptoms of Mold Illness?

The symptoms in particular, of mold have a pretty broad range. They can start out like any seasonal allergy such as, sinus congestion, itchy eyes, sore throat. They go on to more serious problems such as, headaches, anxiety and depression, asthma, blurred vision, serious gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, and memory issues. If that’s not bad enough, those problems can get worse and evolve into even scarier issues such as, chronic fatigue, static shocks, vertigo, migraines, mood swings and personality shifts, increased frequency of urination, impaired learning ability, seizures, tingling and numb skin or limbs, bleeding gums, irregular heartbeat, heart damage, vomiting blood, bleeding in the brain and internal organs.

These symptoms are heightened in children, as well as the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. Because mold illness affects everyone differently, even if you are not feeling any symptoms, take the complaints of others seriously. If they are complaining of mold illness symptoms, get them to a doctor as quickly as possible. In any case, your doctor will give you an idea if their symptoms are from mold or if they stem from something else. Your next step is to call Mold Test USA for a thorough, 52-point visual inspection with air and surface sampling.


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