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Wisconsin is a state with something for everyone. With two Great Lakes and the Harley Davidson. I defy you to not enjoy living in Wisconsin. And did I mention the cheese curds? Because I love cheese curds. 

Wisconsin, is that you’re great. What you’re not, however, is immune from mold problems. With all the snow you see every year, and all the water flowing through your entire state, it’s not small wonder that you may smell mold in your basement. Or in the back of your closet. Even if you can’t see it or smell it, mold can be anywhere. And the affects it has on people varies on a person-by-person and mold-by-mold basis.


Where Can Mold Hide in My Home?

Where are some places in your Wisconsin home that you may find mold growing? A lot of times the duct work throughout the house builds condensation, thus leading to mold growth. It is very important to change your filter on a regular basis. If you can see through your air filter you are not trapping mold spores.

Mold spores are completely microscopic and would require a HEPA filter. It’s true that non-HEPA filters are much cheaper, but they really are just that. Cheap. They don’t really filter much out, so you’re just wasting your money. Spend a little more and get a filter that you know will work. You’ll be amazed how just getting the right filter can radically change the environment inside your home. You also won’t have to change it as often, which means you really are saving money. You may also want to look for mold under your sinks and around your tub or shower. It’s common for calk to come loose after a while. That will allow mold to form. Being proactive and ensuring everything is properly sealed will save you time and money down the road.


Basements and Crawl Spaces

There are a lot of basements in Wisconsin, and quite a few crawlspaces as well. You want to look very closely around those places, especially corners and the outside walls, where moisture can more easily seep in, allowing mold to flourish. Often, you won’t see anything at first glance. To thoroughly inspect your crawl space, you have to actually crawl all the way in. If you only stick your head in and look around with a flashlight, you’ll likely miss any mold growing in there. You may be thinking to yourself that mold in the basement or crawl space will not affect you and your family inside of your home. Well, you want to rethink that logic. 40% of the air you breathe inside of your home comes from the crawlspace or basement underneath your home.

There are various other areas in your home that can encourage mold. Wisconsin is generally a pretty harsh environment in the wintertime. Year after year, your roof takes a beating. You may want to take a look around inside of your attic, for any sign of water leaks. Look on the floor, as well. If the leak was there long enough, it may have affected no just the floor under the leak, but also the ceiling under that floor. If you see anything that looks like a leak or water spotting, do not hesitate to call Mold Test USA.



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