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At Least I Don’t Have To Worry About Mold in the Winter in Appleton, WI, Right?

The perils of cold weather aren’t a secret to anyone in Appleton, WI. From digging your car out of snow, to slipping on ice, to shivering in your bed because the furnace broke and the repair company can’t get to you until next week, it’s not always easy surviving our harsh winters. Something most of us don’t think about in the winter is mold. In fact, most people only associate mold with hot and humid summers. Unfortunately, mold doesn’t take the cold months off to go to Florida like most of us wish we could.

But if mold needs heat to grow, how does it grow when it’s 10 below without the wind chill? In the cold Wisconsin winters, we turn our heat up. Way up. But even with the heat on high, the rooms, nooks, closets, and corners along exterior walls, especially along uninsulated exterior walls, are relatively cold compared to the ambient temperature in our homes. Those temperature differences cause the colder rooms to have higher relative humidity (RH) levels (snow is just frozen water, after all). And with high humidity comes condensation. In a relatively short amount of time, you’ve grown yourself some mold on those nice shoes and t-shirts you put away for winter.

So How Do I Stop Winter Mold Growth in My Home?

Diligence. Just like in the summer, being diligent in taking care of your home is key. Here are some easy steps you can take to keep yourself safe and healthy while also staying warm in the winter.

    • The ideal level of humidity in your home is 35% to 45%. Keeping it below 60% at the very highest is key.
    • Get yourself a dehumidifier for every room, or a large dehumidifier that can handle multiple rooms.
    • Set ceiling fans in reverse (there’s a little switch on the outside of the motor housing. Flip it).
    • Dump the water out of condensate pans daily. Do not allow it to stand.
    • Keep all ductwork and air filters clean.

And remember, you can always call Mold Test USA for answers to your mold questions. Even if you don’t hire us, we’ll answer your questions to the best of our capability.

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