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Mold-Not Just for Warm Climates

If you’re fighting mold in Kenosha, WI, odds are you’ve read about the causes and your options. Remediation companies offer deep discounts on inspections so that they can upsell costly and, often unnecessary, remediation services. Sketchy home builders use porous and cut-rate products like OSB and particle board. If it rains or snows on uncovered, unprotected building materials, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a mold problem. Or worse, if there is a lot of rain and the foundation isn’t allowed to dry completely before installing the insulation and vapor barrier, the moisture will be trapped behind and inside your walls and flooring. Mold can develop in less than 48 hours and it has impressive staying power. It can turn a brand-new house into a death-trap, literally.

Mold is not only harmful and, at times, deadly to some people, but it is also a harbinger of doom when it comes to the structural integrity of your home. That’s because mold grows in moist conditions. That same moisture is damaging to wood, drywall, and all other building materials. Moist building materials lose their strength and form and can allow for any number of dangerous scenarios. Also, as we become more aware of your energy consumption, and the money it costs, builders are focusing on making our homes air-tight. While this is fine in theory, it means that new buildings lack proper ventilation, which can lead to mold.

Hiding Places for Mold in Kenosha, WI

According to the documentary Moldy, at least 50% of American homes have mold issues. Not to mention that literally every home in America has at least some mold, simply because mold exists everywhere. So, where are the places that mold is especially keen to grow? Bathrooms and kitchens, especially when they have leaky faucets and sinks. Behind appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and machine machines (even if they’re not leaking). Ceilings and walls are especially vulnerable to mold via leaks in roofing and cracks in exterior walls. Windowsills where condensation forms. And, of course, basements, closets, and crawl spaces.

If you are concerned about mold levels in your Kenosha, WI home, calling Mold Test USA is an important first step. We can offer comprehensive inspections and counseling, regardless of the size and scope of your mold problem, with no pushy sales or scare tactics.


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